Top 10 Things to do in Da Lat


1. Staying a night in an isolated, ancient villa amidst the pine forest

Dalat features many ancient French villas with new beautiful ones in pine forests that have been transformed into high-end hotels or guesthouses for visitors. Stay one night in a lovely villa with modern amenities to feel both peaceful and romantic in Dalat. Villas are priced from 200,000VND, depending on their convenience and location. The most remarkable accommodation is Anna Mandara Dalat, one of the most high-ranking resorts here.


Anna Mandara Dalat


2. Sleeping in a warm blanket in the cold atmosphere

Sleeping in a warm blanket in the cold atmosphere


It is a memorable experience to enjoy a night in a warm blanket in the fresh and open air of the plateau. In these fantastic days of your vacation, wake up late in a warm room with the smell of wood and candles burning. With a glass of hot tea and a whispered story, every stress of your daily life will be melted out.


3. Enjoying coffee in the clouds and music

flowery gardens


In the morning, Dalat is covered with cool dew. It is a wonderful experience  to enjoy hot coffee on the balcony while looking out at the airy space outside. The birds sing somewhere on trees and dew is still retained on mimoda flowers. The landscape is filled with the smells of wet soil and ancient forests.

Dalat features many lovely cafes in flowery gardens. Song Vy café with romantic French music, Lieu O café behind Palace II in a peaceful garden, Moc café in Hai Ba Trung street with live music at weekends, Tung café in Hoa Binh street with classical music for connoisseurs of music and coffee or Cung To Chieu café with the voice of its owner are some of the most favorite cafes here. Once you travel to Dalat, you cannot miss tasting its coffee.


4. Buying jackets in the bustling old market


Scores of jackets are sold from 5pm to 9pm every day near Dalat market. The announcements from sellers are resounded around the streets. They sell various kinds of garments, from sweaters to coats, hats, gloves, scarves and accessories for winter. You may not want to buy any winter garments, but do not forget to wander around this place to view an interesting segment in the daily life of local people. For those who forget their warm clothes at home, this is a shopping paradise with reasonable prices starting from 10,000VND.


Dalat market


5. Riding a bike on flower paths

Magarita daisy flowers


Put on warm clothes and a scarf, find a bike and ride around the city. Dalat has flowers growing everywhere. Fences are hung with roses and streets are covered with Magarita daisy flowers, purple hydrangeas, subtle mimosas, pink cherry blossoms and especially wild sunflowers.


6. Picking up strawberries


With four seasons that feel like spring, Dalat has many vegetable and fruit farms. Green cauliflowers, strawberries, artichokes, French beans, avocadoes and persimmons are specialties of Dalat. Farms are always open for visitors to pick up fruits and buy gifts. If you do not have time to pick some up, you can buy them in the Dalat market in the early morning. Remember to bargain before buying.


7. Traveling on the ancient train


 In the old Dalat station, there is a train that’s always crowded with passengers. The old train, still attached with some wooden wagons, will take you on the 7 km railway to Trai Mat. The Dalat – Trai Mat railway has been called Dalat Plateau Rail Road since 1991. The train passes by valleys with vegetable fields and greenhouses. To Trai Mat, the train will stop about every 30 minutes for guests to tour around before returning to Dalat station, which still includes the original steam engine.


8. Taking wedding photos in nature

Nowhere else features as many beautiful backgrounds for your wedding photos as Dalat. If you would like to have your wedding photos taken with flowers Dalat is the place to go.  All kinds of flowers in Dalat will appear in your shots. If you like architecture, Chicken Church and Dalat University will be two wonderful options. If you would like to have some photos in the ancient space, Bao Dai palace 1, 2 and 3 are always available.  Also, you can choose to take photos with the old train or in the villa that you are staying.


9. Tasting streetfoods at night

Dalat has many delicious


The cold weather can make you feel hungry. Dalat has many delicious, hot foods for you to enjoy such as porridge, snails, girdle cake or hot soya milk. In Dalat you cannot miss tasting other scrumptious dishes such as grilled fermented pork roll, rice pancake and corn sticky rice.


rice pancake and corn sticky rice


10. Greeting Christmas and joining in the Dalat Flower Festival

A happy Christmas night in the cold weather with local people is a very distinctive experience in Dalat. On this occasion, Dalat city is radiantly decorated with sparkling lights and flowers for the fifth flower festival. In 2013, Dalat organized its 120th anniversary of development. This is a vivid festival displaying various flowers from Dalat.


Dalat Flower Festival


+ The 120th anniversary of Dalat and Flowers: From 19:30 on December 30th, 2013 at Lam Vien square.

+ Flowery space: From December 27th, 2013 – January 5th, 2013 in Dalat.

+ Dalat Flower Market 2013 themed “Dalat’s Elegant Flowers”: From December 28th, 2013 – January 2nd, 2013 at Nguyen Van Cu street.

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