Particular Places To Go When You Come To Ha No

Today I would like to introduce some “new” particular places to go when you come to Ha Noi. Besides many famous tourist sites in our capital you already knew like Sword lake, Temple of Literature, Tran Quoc pagoda, one pillar pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ethnography museum,…

You should contemplate and take part in enjoying some more destinations which are also typical, featured not inferior to another reputed ones but you can enjoy them among less tourists yet closer and closer to local people.

West lake is the biggest one in Ha Noi with nice view, vivid life around its perimeter of 18 kilometers. Create your memorable trip exploring our land and people in this area while doing exercise to keep body fit and mind healthy. Why not?
First step: rent a bike at a shop (fee from 5USD/ day)
Secondly: with a map, cycle it around the lake 
On the way you will have a good chance to drop in Residence of West Lake where people worship Liễu Hạnh princess as one of four Great Immortals in Vietnamese belief, too .It is also very convenient for you to visit Quan Thanh temple and Tran Quoc Pagoda.
When riding bicycle, you can stop for a while for trying ice cream, sugarcane juice or a coconut. Normally when they sell in shop, there is no need to bargain, but if is displayed on the road, you should. The price is around 1.5 USD for a coconut, a glass of sugarcane costs half of a coconut, and an ice cream costs half of sugarcane’s price.
There is a Vietnamese songs named “Ha Noi twelve seasons of blossoms”. It means every month in a year comes a kind of flower. Whenever you travel to Ha Noi, you must have obtained felicity of being surrounded with sorts of special romantic flower: January peach blossom, February bauhinia flower, March of frangipane, April of white lily, May of Flame flower, … In which, February bauhinia flower, lotus of June, milk flower of September, canola in December are the most prominent. Flowers spread along the street and roads, especially milk flower is outstanding with its strong odour which everyone is away from the capital remind of all the time. There are a few lotus ponds in west lake area, which is welcome to all coming and taking photos, many people visit to drink tea, breathe fresh air, immerse themselves in fragrance and beauty of lotus. In our country, lotus is a symbol of purity and sublimeness. We can have a picnic by the lotus pond, watching people dress up with Ao Dai, traditional dresses to be captured in photo. 
In late winter, it’s high time to contemplate canola flower blossoming by the Red river. Many couples come here to have photo album for their wedding.
Not failing to mention Bat Trang village where you can see diversified ceramic products from jar, pot, bowl, plate, oven, glass, and many more decorative patterns. It takes about 20 minutes to go to this village with your motorbike rented, approximately 12 kilometres from the centre of Ha Noi. Here you should bargain before buying something unless you might be cut an arm and a leg. Maximum they may tell you double price for a product. This happens to Vietnamese, too. Try and take experience with making your own ceramic stuff, this could be your unique remembrance. Let’s make items in Vietnamese way.
You should not miss visiting silk village Van Phuc. It also takes only 10 kilometers from the centre. There is a large area displaying a lots of famous silk and nice colourful fabric. Come here, you can figure out 4 basic processes of making silk: sewing silk cord, sewing bluing fibre, sewing weaving, sewing dyeing stitch. 
Another handicraft village supplying prestigious straw hats all through Việt Nam, Chuông (or Bell) village. Many tourists have bought and brought back to there countries conical hats and round flat straw hats with strap. These are two kinds of typical Vietnamese conical hats. Craftsman in village can make it directly in front of you. After that you can make for yourself, but it cost a high price- your patience. Are you ready to conquer the challenge? 
On the way to come Chuong village, it is convenient to go straight to Huong (perfume) Pagoda, but you are recommended to travel by boat, this is the most favorite mean of transportation. During surfing on peaceful river, along its two banks is green range of mountain. It does worth your sweat all the trip, and really quench the thirst of contemplating majestic landscape.
There are slings to bring you up and down the mountain where Huong pagoda located. However I suggest you climb up to explore the way with some small parts in this general architectural ensemble, the path leading higher and higher with the mountainous flora would be a nice plus for this destination. 
Before purchasing items, you should quest “how much”, and sometimes ask for a discount. 
The way down you could take the sling, looking from the top of mountain down there frightened me little yet really a wonderful feeling it was. Nearby Perfume pagoda, Thay (Master) pagoda, Dau Pagoda, Boi Khe pagoda worth a visit also.
Remember to wear sport shoes, hat for walking and climbing much, and of course with long pants to go the pagodas, please!
Wish you a memorable journey!

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