How to travel Hoi An Ancient Town

Let’s check some experiences below to have a successful trip to Hoi An.

Because Hoi An don’t have any train or bus station so if you want to go to Hoi An by bus or train you need to depart from Da Nang. And about 30km more from Da Nang to be at Hoi An. If you have some free time, you can stay one day in Da Nang to see how young and sprightly Da Nang is.
Vehicle to stroll inside Hoi An
Taxi: taxi is kind of luxury and a little expensive but suitable for a group to transport. The amount per person is quite fine.
Motocycle taxi: Hoi An is quite small so this option is a good choice with reasonable price.
Hotel: Hoi An has so many type of hotel scattering in domestic area, coast,…
For more info about hotel in Hoi An click here.
“Cao Lầu” is the most famous food to the tourist when visit Hoi An. Only because it’s ingredients are from local product, the atmosphere and eating right there, you will know how delicious this special dish is.
If you want to eat delicious Cao Lầu, you can visit Ms.Liên’s restaurant on Thai Phien Street. Open in afternoon.
MìQuảng: CT Restaurant on Thai Phien Street ( Back- Gate of the Stadium), near Nguyen Ba Hoc School. Open only in morning. From Monday to Friday (Except weekend, full moon Day, First Day of the month). The owner is Ms.Lài, from Cam Thanh (so the restaurant’s name is named after this). You should visit the restaurant early for they may be close at 9 (there are many guest so MìQuảng is sold out). The decoration is simple but clean.
Chicken rice: Nga Restaurant, Ty restaurant or Mrs.Buoi’s restaurant on Phan Chau Trinh street.

Amusing Location
If you had any place you think good at Hoi An, please share them with others.
Strolling: in ancient town, there are many tourist attraction such as pagoda, Ancient Wooden House, The Japanese-covered Bridge, …) you can take pictures, buy some souvenirs in Ancient Town.
Many coffee shop such as Hai Coffee with dazzling dimension, the tearoom Cung Tram Pho is served with Trinh music or row of coffee booths alongside with Hoai River.
Boating on Hoai River.
Visiting Cham Isles by boat, having lunch and playing there. You can visit in a day and return.
Sightseeing at My Son Historic Area.
Watching traditional art performances.
Address: 75, Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Hoi An City.
Phone: 05103861159.
Participate in aquatic activities: Jetski, canoes, inflatable boat, kayak rowing, parachuting, surfing, buoys pulling, diving (shallow or deep diving), fishing, kite-flying, soccer on sand,… on Cua Dai Beach and Cham Isles. Contact: Blue Coral. Phone 0510.3914985; Hai Ban Diving Co., Phone: 0510.3910782.
There are things that sell in Hoi An like lanterns, silk clothing, wood craving aftifacts, Lace Embroidered Clothes, souvenirs,… You can bargain to have a low price.
Hoi An Sandal is very diverse and fancy. Look at the sole of sandal to take a good pair. You can have the shop to make your custom made sandal in morning and take it in afternoon and choose to get the most satisfied one.
Tayloring in Hoi An is super fast and cheap. Also order in morning take in afternoon.
Lantern: Hoi An Lantern is quite elegant. Many visitors chose lantern to be the gift. The price is affordable.
Souvenir: such as mini purse, presents,… they are cheap and selled everywhere in Hoi An.
Stone Artifact: Da Nang is famous for its masonry handicrafts. You can buy rock statues, millstones or jewelry… at Non Nuoc.
About silk clothes: Any parents want to buy Aodai can come to Hoi An. Hoi An’sAo Dai is more graceful and cheaper than Ha Noi’s very much. 

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