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Hoi An is a small city with around 88,000 residents, hidden away about halfway down Vietnam's coast.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Unlike the big cities, it doesn't have lots of traffic and crowds. It's popular with tourists and a well-established place on the backpacker trail. It's a place of art-and-craft shops and countless tailors who make made-to-measure clothing for a fraction of western prices.

Hoi An is an exceptionally well-preserved example of 15th- to 19th-century South-East Asian trading ports. Buildings and street plans reflect indigenous and foreign influences in the heritage site. It's a pedestrian-friendly place so you can wander around and take it all in.

The Old Town of Hoi An is comprised of narrow streets, brick alleys, and ancient structures that have been partially restored. At night the streets are dimly lit only by lantern, lending a warm, pleasant atmosphere as tourists stroll around. Numerous restaurants and cafes line the narrow Thu Bon River which overran its banks during a massive flood in 2009.

The Hoi An Old Town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is interesting enough just to stroll around. An archaic coupon system allows visitors to enter into five of the 18 museums, communal houses, temples, and other attractions such as the Tan Ky House.

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Coloured lantern in Hoi An

Coloured lantern in Hoi An

Hoi An lantern makes a perfect house deco - and inexpensive Coupled with the right prices, Hoi An is truly a shoppers’ paradise, one that dictates its western customers on a unique oriental sense of style. Paradox does not end. One imagines never being able to find western food in such a hardcore Vietnamese setting. That turns out not the case.

Hoi An is home to multiple restaurants that serve big hearty American meals with only a small portion of the menu dedicated to local food. The locals prefer their sidewalk vendors to the many re-innovated house-turned-restaurants out there. The population as a whole Hue is similar of style. Hoi An or Hue, how to your choose?

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