Cat Ba (Hai Phong) – The peaceful Islands of the northern

One day in October, we came to Cat Ba Islands, on the South of Ha Long Bay. It is about 30km from Center of HaiPhong City and 25km from Ha Long City.

Cat Ba welcomed us by totally peaceful and fresh atmosphere and beautiful view, a small town with friendly people. It stands between shore sea on one side and high cliff on another side, a long road goes along them.

Ha Long bay

From Hai Phong, you can take a boat in Dinh Vu Sea Ferry, connecting Hai Phong City and Cat Ba Island and Ben Got Ferry, connecting Cat Ba Island and Cat Hai Island. It take a few hours for transferring but it is really worth.

You can flow yourself into the simple and peaceful lifestyle with gentleness people in the largest island which also called Cat Ba. Away from city, it is truly peaful, maybe you have shock culture when you come here, even you can count the traffic at the main street. Fresh air, nice view, beach next to, friendly people…what do you want more?

In the morning, you should wake up earlier, take some absolutely fresh breath, enjoy the salty sea winds, take a cup of coffee in the small shop beside the path. Then have a breakfast in different style restaurants at the main street of town as Vietnamese, European - American

After that, you have to take a small trip by boat to visit the islands not be reclaimed around it. On the way, you will see the floating-life. It means some families gathered, they live and fish farming on houseboat which be built temporary underneath high huge ledges. They stands sporadic, apart a distance in diversity shape. It depends on your imagination, you will see it like something, maybe a turtle, a hump of camel… On the rooftop of the boat, you will see total view of Cat Ba Islands. Or another ways, sitting on the front bow, feeling free like in a heaven with the sunshine of coastal lightly through each ledge, sea winds blow on the face carrying the salty of the sea and the mild heat of tropical weather. So far, each moss - covered ledge in turn show up when your boat comes closer. In some houseboat villages, they have kayaking and explore what it has in the pure green water.

Lan Ha

When your boat is back to town, it is perfectly moment if you can see the sunset on the wild island, where just has a few people, it feels like you are the owner of island, nature and yourself.

Back to town in the darkness, the town appears glittering from afar but still peaceful like it is always. On the way, you should have a dinner in float restaurant where has beautiful seascape and always has the fresh seafood as kind of local fishes, cuttle, shrimp..and traditional wine made from banana or snakes. The special point is you can choose what you want to make a good meal. They will cook for you while you can take a look and discover some seafood you’ve ever seen befor or take some pictures.

At night in the town,walking around and finding some souviners for your friends or your family or racing double bike! A little noisy in the quiet darkness

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