What To Experience When Coming To Myanmar?

As a beautiful country rich in history, tradition, culture, and custom, Myanmar is said to have a large number of different tourist destinations in which many unknown tourist attractions have not even been discovered. Apart from attractive zones for visitors to go sighting, there are different incredible and sometimes weird festivals in this country. As smart travelers, you’re strongly advised to have a good grasp of such the festivals before having a trip to Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival (March In Yangon)

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

Without a doubt, in Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda Festival is considered the largest pagoda festival. What happen in this special event? Prior to the full moon day of Tabaung, dozens of the monks will continuously recite the Holy Scriptures within 24 hour every day for the whole week. Why do they do that? The Buddhists have their great faith in the belief that reciting the Holy Scriptures day by day can keep the negative energy and evil away as well as make the country safer and more peaceful. At that time, those who are attending the festivals will respectively offer their donations to the preservation of the Pagoda.

Thingyan Water Festival (April All Over The Country)

Myanmar New Year Water Festival

Also known as the Water Festival, Thingyan is indeed the most significant public and colorful holiday with the happiest moments throughout Myanmar. During Thingyan days, people are allowed to throw water together. This sounds very amazing and especial, right? In fact, according to the Myanmar, Thingyan water owns the magical power to eliminate the evil and people’s sins that they might do in the previous year. The unique festival tends to fall on the last 4 days before the Myanmar New Year day. For young and old citizens, Thingyan moment is described by words as their merriest and most unforgettable time. With the joyous mood, most of the populations will wander around the city on foot or even in cars with the aim of throwing and splashing water over each other.

Even when you step into a local street, kids are also able to splash water on you by using small plastic water guns. Of course, never be hesitant to take part in this meaningful Thingyan festival, and then feel easeful to splash water on anybody who passes the stress. However, be careful as it’s a bad idea to throw water to moms-to-be, monks, and nuns.

Taung Pyone Spirit (Nat) Festival (August In Taung Pyone Village, Mandalay)

Taung Pyone Spirit Nat Festival

Held in August every year, Taung Pyone Spirit Festival is truly another popular festival that can get special attention from you - potential tourists. In Myanmar, tradition has it that nats are indeed spirits which need to be soothed; otherwise, they can wreak havoc in the folks’ lives. During Taung Pyone Nat, the 2 Nat Brothers honored (Shwe Phyin Gyi and Shwe Phyin Lay) belong to the 37 famous Myanmar Nats.

Interestingly, the legend behind the 2 Brothers has its origin from the rule of King Anawrahta during the Bagan Era. At this moment, every person in the Kingdom had a duty to contribute a brick and sand towards a Pagoda’s construction. As the Brothers failed to comply with their King’s order, they were accidentally killed in the village. Remorseful for whatever he did, the Kind forced populations to build a big spirit (Nat) shrine for honoring the 2 Brothers.

Annually held to appease the Nats, worshippers coming to the village have a tendency to offer meat and alcoholic drinks because they have believed that the Brothers can fulfill their dreams, protect them from danger and ill-fate, in addition to bring them good luck, progress, and prosperity. There are also lots of the Myanmar orchestras for those who want to dance to make the spirits blissful.

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