Tips On Delicious Meals For All Myanmar Tourists

 As Myanmar has been widely opening its distinctive potentials to the world, any traveler will have an illuminating chance to discover anything attractive and impressive from this beautiful country, ranging from festivals, customs to cuisine, destinations, etc.

When it comes to Myanmar cuisine, there is much to consider. Due to a strong emphasis upon rich and predominately salty/savory flavors, in addition to influences from Southeast Asia, you can find it hard to ignore different meals in this country with unforgettable ingredients and tastes not found in other cuisines. In general, Myanmar restaurants are apt to specialize in a culinary style or single dish.

Wish to explore more about a comprehensive taste of Myanmar cuisine? Let’s take a close look at several typical Burmese snacks and dishes here. As potential visitors, it’s always encouraged to enjoy at least one of them!

Tea-Leaf Salad

Tea leaf salad

Do you know lephet – fermented tea leaves? May be it’s indeed one of the most influential and well-known Burmese meals. In order to make the dish, a chef will use his hands to mix the sour & slightly bitter leaves with sliced tomatoes, shredded cabbage, nuts & peas, crunchy deep-fried beans, pungent slices of garlic & chili, and a splash of garlic oil. The dish, of course, is versatile; and it may be served as an appetizer, a snack, even an appealing meal, coupled with a plate of rice.

In some cases, this meal is also known as a stimulant. According to the Burmese, eating too much “lephet thoke” may totally prevent their deep sleep.

Burmese Curry

More than enjoying a meal, an approach to a traditional Burmese restaurant is truly a culinary experience. Curry, as its name suggests, is the central element. However, after you have opted for one – basically a meaty & oily curry based on fish, pork, shrimp, mutton, or beef, there seems to be a never-ending succession of the side dishes. At that time, these will include rice, a dish of fried vegetables, a tart salad, a large tray of par-boiled & fresh vegetables and herbs, and a small bowl of soup to be consumed with different dips, ranging from a watery & fishy sauce, ngapi ye, to balachaung, a spicy & dry mixture of garlic, chilies, and dried shrimp.

The soup can be a combination of root vegetables and lentils at a Muslim-run curry shop, whereas the sides may involve a couple of crispy pappadum.

Deep-Fried Stuff

Burmese food - Burma deep fried battered

​The Burmese tend to be greatly impressed by deep-fried foods in oil. It is especially impossible to ignore fried foods in Myanmar, surely! On a regular basis, spring rolls, samosas, sweets, breads, and savory fritters – a large number of snacks found in tea shops and on the street – are deep-fried. It is worth pointing out that lots of the noodle dishes are often topped with deep-fried crisp garnishes. Moreover, Buthi Kyaw is considered one of the deep-fried dishes certainly worth a search. As tourists, it can be a big mistake if you overlook this cool and charming dish!

Tofu Noodles-Based Shan Style

Warm tofu, or hto-hpu nwe, is described as one of the most unusual dishes in this appealing country. In fact, this dish does not include tofu; instead, it’s comprised of a thick porridge which is made from chickpea flour. While the sticky yellow stuff tends to be served over the thin rice noodles and chunks of marinated pork/chicken, it’s also topped with a drizzle of chilli oil and involves sides of broth and pickled veggies. 

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