Shopping in Myanmar!

Being a mysterious and undiscovered place in South East Asia and in the world, Myanmar is well known for magnificent beauty and charm and local culture and original custom. Beside one wonderful trip and many experiences which you will get, there is list of things you can bring home for friends and your family. You could find these items in the souvenir especially on the local markets which will offer you best price.

1. Teak wood Buddha statues

To one country like Myanmar that is considered as country of golden pagodas and antique Buddha statues, it is not difficult to find one Buddha statue in any souvenir. During your travel in Myanmar, the teak wood Buddha statues were sculptured in skillful way so that those will be ideal for decorating your home.

2. Longyi skirts

Longyi Shops in Yangon

Longyi or named “sarong” in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri lanka, is a skirt - type of fabric that puts around it at the waist. All men and women throughout Myanmar wear longyi for casual or traditional occasions. This fabric is widely used as cover up for western women on beaches. With 1-2 USD, one longyi will be ready in your wardrobe. Longyi available in different sizes can be found throughout Myanmar particularly in Bogyoke Market in Yangon where you have a huge choice of materials: cotton, silk.. ....

3. Flip flop

Flip flop (footwear) together with Longyi are indispensable to daily life here. This traditional sandal is very simple, light, durable, you can buy it for travelling in Myanmar where is always hot or for friends.

4. Thanaka powder

Local people here have been using Thanaka for more than 2,000 years. Women, men and children use thanaka as type of beauty product, applying to their faces, neck and legs, arms. Thanaka is very good for skin and this product keeps the skin cool, prevent sunlight damage to their skin, create fragrance for body. Today, thanaka are available as branded creams, pastes and powders sold in local markets for example: Pazundaung Market and all supermarkets.

5. Handicrafts products

You can easily buy the handicrafts product made by “real Myanmar” like: scarf, textiles, bags, silver, lacquer, wood carvings , marble carvings.... . The central markets of Mandalay where will find anything that you fancy.

6. Gems

Gemstones are called always as “dream’s lady”. If you travel in Myanmar, all kinds of gem: jade, rubies, diamonds...or any other gem stone will suit your woman, mother, friends. What to pay is up to quality or size of gem. The traveler should buy gems at the government’s stores or in reputable company in Myanmar.

7. Puppets:

Travelling in Myanmar, don’t miss marionette puppets art! Traditional Burmese puppet arte have remained from the 15th century. All different kinds of puppets decoration puppets and playable puppet that you can bring home for decoration or gift. The foreign tourists prefer purchasing the Burmese Puppet prince and princess, the leading characters of most puppet shows in Myanmar. The antique puppets are exposed and can be on sales at the national museum in Yagon.

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