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Besides famous destinations of this country are really well known all over the world like pagodas of Swedagon, Golden Rock, or Temples of Shwesandaw, Ananda, Mahamuni,... they indicate great spirit of sacred adoration of the people, the works here of architecture and culture all bring religious colour. Today I emphasize on beautiful scenery which the most inculcated in my mind ever, named Inle lake.

shwedagon pagoda

This area contains much more than I wish to experience. Firstly, we spent great time exploring Nyaung Shwe village with its particular local market, they sell diversified agricutural products, especially grown on floating hyacinth where is a bed of soil to be put. What a creative way of doing farms! By the river, you can find them wash clothes, camp, bathe, play. showing a real vivid living picture. People all live in stilts on water, alots of colourful boats gathering together makes the space embellished with cultural strokes. There is also a beautiful major temple in the area for local people to come praying.

Wooden monastery is a special place. Since boys at very young age, they are sent to monastery to study, here they called monks and taught to receive 5 precepts (No killing, no stealing, no lies, no unfaithfulness, no drunk). Now I understand more than 85% of Myanmar population is Buddhists, this keeps country at peace, its citizens behave so well towards others, they enjoy happiness in souls. People usually offer each other as well as tourists pure smiles.

Hand weaving silk of Inle lake has its fame for meticulous nessand fineness, it takes incredible patience to complete a scarf. They also combine silk with lotus fibre for a hardier weave.

Do not miss the ancient capital, “Little Bagan”!Temples reveals mystical divine holy land, vegetation strongly overgrows. You could contemplate architectures and sculptures, in which white Buddha meditating is outstanding. Image of a little monk quiet reading and studying among sparkling candles nearby Buddha statueI comprehend supreme bliss of life, it would be the joy of clear mind and pure heart.


On Inle lake, we enjoy unique sunrise and sunset. In the morning, riding on long tail boats to see the river in exuberant fresh air, starting a new day like making a new life! Cold and misty in early morning and at night, both the moments press F5 for us. There are monks travel on boats, red colour of monks’ robes and yellow Burmese umbrella in contrast to translucent water with green mountain range reflected, some birds flocks flying over, all together makes beautiful peaceful spectacle ever! Monks and fishermen have skills using their leg to row paddle which is stunning. Men are very talented at balancing, rowing the boat with feet while catching fish with bamboo capture cage like artists performing.

Last but not least, the cuisine with local ingredients is fresh and exquisite. It is interesting to enjoy meal cooked at even the most simple places.

For sure I will soon come back to the land of unique cultural, historical blending which is the true Asian gateway of the old silk route leading to tranquility soul telling the best cultures and history tales.

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