Myanmar Festivals

Being lucky to live in a golden land of tourism, the Myanmar are interesting and enjoyable people. With the main occupation of agriculture, they have built their own easy livelihood as their natural environment.

Unlike people in some other countries, they inhabit in a range of parts along Myanmar land, allowing them to take advantages of  huge natural assets, such as forests, mountains, hills, lakes, streams, and sea coast.

Myanmar New Year Water Festival

Lifestyle of Myanmar is so amphibious, which you can easily feel through their cultural activities. As its own natural rule, each month of the Myanmar lunar calendar comes with a certain season, certain flower kinds, certain zodiacal signs, certain constellation and of course certain seasonal festivals. Classical poets have even created verses about twelve seasons to describe the special beauty of each season, every  seasonal flower, as well as each seasonal zodiacal sign. And by the time which people suppose that everything reaches its most beauty, there will be a festival held. 
So have you had any plans for this summer? What about visiting this fascinating land and discover the amazing festivals? Ok, here I would like to introduce you some of the typical festivals will be held in May and June, 2015
Festivals in May
SAND STUPA FESTIVAL, Pa Le` Ngwe Yaung / Mandalay
May 01 - 02, 2015
During this festival, participants are about to build stupas with sand in three different Mandalay quarters within just 01 night. Sand stupas are built up with five segments which gradually converges to the top. Every white sand layer is supported by bamboo-mats and -posts. The  date of celebration are not fixed and  depends on the different quarters where the festival happens.  
May 01 – 02, 2015
In this festival, you will have change to witness and even become one of  the participant who pour water to the sacred Bo tree with many other ones.
SAND STUPA FESTIVAL, Yahai Quarter / Mandalay
May 02, 2015
This festival is held in the same way with that in Pa Le` Ngwe Yaung , on 01-02, May 2015
SAND STUPA FESTIVAL, Min Thar Su Quarter / Mandalay
May 02 - 04, 2015
Yeah, still sand Stupa Festival, but in Min Thar Su Quarter, on 02-04 May, 2014. And the organization is the same as the two former ones 
May 27 - June 12, 2015
This festival is held under the format of a festival market, in which you can take part in some interesting evening entertainments such as Zats, Anyeints and Movies.
Festivals in June:
CHIN-LONE FESTIVAL, Mahamuni / Mandalay
June 22 - July 02, 2015 
This tournament happens in Mandalay. In the past, it was held in Mahamuni Pagoda compound within a month. It attracts thousands of cane ball players from all over the country. And here, you will have change to see several ways of playing Chin Lone and or the race of either team or individual together with local / folk music played while entertaining the audience in your own eyes.
Yeah, here are some of the festivals you will have chance to enjoy in this summer. Are they interesting? Do you want to be the participants at least once? Ok, so consider them all carefully and make a clear plan to take part in one of them as soon as this summer!

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