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Myanmar - the homeland of extraordinary gilded pagodas – is one of the top tourist destinations in South East Asia. Myanmar’s mysterious beauty lies on its cultural and geographical diversity which has reflected much of the country’s long brilliant history and unique character.

Scenic highlights

shwedagon pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon) is one of the most magnificent religious heritages of humanity. Its 98-meter central tower is a masterpiece of art which includes 7 gilded collars and is ornamented with thousands of precious stones, hundreds of diamonds, rubies and golden bells.

Located in Bagan - Myanmar first dynasty’s capital, Shwesandaw Temple at sunset is an amazing experience for those who enjoy the overview of appealing temple architecture of mythical Bagan with over 2000 temples. Also in Bagan, Ananda Temple, with massive scale and unique architecture, is a testament to the golden age of Bagan Kingdom under the reign of great King Tilinman.

View of sunset from Mandalay Hill

Mahamuni Temple is a golden symbol of Mandalay - Myanmar's former royal capital – with a 4-meter and 6.5-ton Buddha statue which is covered by a 15cm layer of gold. Additionally, if ever having a chance to witness the sunset from the Mandalay Hill’s peak, you will see the magic of nature. It is a unique experience in travelling diary of any visitor who contemplates soared temple towers turning its color from yellow to purple under a white mist layer covering the whole city.

Golden Rock in Mon State is one of the most breath-taking Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Myanmar. The gilded rock and the pagoda stand on the top of Mt. Kyaiktiyo. A glimpse of the "gravity defying" Golden Rock is believed to generate enough inspiration for one to turn to Buddhism.

inle lake

Inle Lake is about 11 km wide and stretches 22 km from North to South. Adventuring along the lake, you will experience many emotions when riding boat through floating houses, seeing white birds wingspan above lake surface and fishermen wearing traditional Longiy on boats looking like artists riding waves.

Thingyan Festival - Water Festival: held on occasion of the New Year, is a very meaningful Buddhist festival to the country, where people bail out water across each other. Its meaning is to wash away the adversity accumulated during the past year and welcome the new year with the purity of body and mind.

Shwedagon Festival: held annually, takes place in a fortnight with many activities, rituals, traditional Buddhist ceremonies, creating a mysterious sacred space.

Phaung Daw U Festival: held to pay homage to the Buddha. Series of colorful boats parade from village to village around Inle Lake. The most prominent is the yellow barge with bird shape symbolizing Myanmar myth which transports 5 small Buddha statues of famous Phaung Daw U Pagoda.


tea leaf salad

One of the most unforgettable experiences for visitors is probably the very Myanmarian culinary specialties with unique and sophisticated recipes. Myanmar food is famous for its diversity with various traditional delicacies such as: tea-leaf salad which satisfies even the most difficult diners; Mohinga fish noodle which is considered Myanmar’s ‘national quintessence’; Shan’s food which is well-known for its delicious fish sticky-rice and fried tofu noodle; and special Burmese curry made from fish, pork or shrimp. Additionally, along every street in Myanmar, there are numerous busy teashops where many locals and tourists drop in to enjoy hot tea and freshly baked cakes.

People and Weather

Myanmar is a country of diligent, truthful and friendly citizens. 80% of its population are Buddhists so they are imbued with Buddhistic spirit which highly appreciates mutual compassion. Although their life is mostly way to harsh, Myanmarian still give an impression of hospitable and generous people.

Myanmar has 3 distinct seasons in a year: summer (from March to May), rainy season (from June to September) and autumn (from October to February) which is also the most preferable time for visiting because of little rain and mild weather.

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