Myanmar - An Ideal Destination

Bordering on a considerable number of Asian countries - Bangladesh, India, China Laos and Thailand, Myanmar has been a remarkable tourist attraction for its various distinct features such as the affectionate, hospitable natives, adorable natural especially the magnificent sightseeings.


Because of being known as a buddhism country (Buddhists account over 80% of population in Myanmar), delicate, ancient pagodas which are mostly buddhist characteristic are easily detected in this country. The pagoda that could be mentioned as the representative symbolism when introducing Myanmar with travelers likely to be golden Shwedagon Pagoda. Lying on the top of Singuttara hill with 99 meters height, all scenes of Yangon – Myanmar’s capital are completely in tourers’view. Existed over 2,500 years, it is supposed as the scaredest Buddhist temple in Myanmar. It is where four scared reasures of Buddhists – the stick of Kakusandha Buddha, the filtration of Koṇāgamana Buddha, a piece of Kassapa Buddha, and eight hairs of the Buddha Shakyamuni, are being stored. Another highlights aspect that one notices when firstly being there is 1000 pagodas surrounding the gilded central tower, golden glares all points of Shwedagon. Furthermore, stepping barefoot visting Shwedagon in the sunshine is the unforgettable experience that one should not overlook if has chance to be in Shwedagon. It would be regetteble for one who concerns about Buddhism without taking a trip to Shwedagon.

Bagan, Myanmar

Inspite of this significant fame, there is an other appreciable factor that makes Myanmar become one of the most attractive detinations tourists choose for their holiday. Which moment people would like to behold? The majority answer seems to be romantic dawn and twilight. One of the top television chanels of America – CNN, brought out the top twelve greatest places to enjoy the sunset in the world and the longest wooden bridge in Myanmar, Ubein ranked the first one in this list which was published on 9th, august, 2013. Located at urban of ancient capital – Mandalay, stretching across Taungthaman lake, Ubein is not only the longest but also the oldest wooden bridge in the world. It is 1,2 kilo meter length and was built in by taking advantage of teak from a uninhibited palace because Mindon king decided to move the capital to Mandalay. To whom that has interest with romance, it is recommended that one should not Ubien out of the places when going round Myanmar. During the gloaming, go across the bridge with the person whom you love and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere while having a panoramic peaceful view or having mind taken away by best love songs, sang by Boyzone or Celine Dion are some ways you should not leave unnoticed. There has been a way to see sun setting, in july or august when the water level of Taungthaman lake is highest ask can ask a friendly ferryman to sail on a boat go next to the brigde in a cool wheather with breeze and light waves. And do not forget to take some photos showing glamorous monments in which owl-light is seen in a gracefully position.

To conclude, Myanmar is an unique and surely worth-visiting city in the world. If you are looking for a place where not only antique but also romance fill the air, with precise, delightful Buddhistic structrure, it is an ideal holiday destination for you.

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