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Myanmar is the largest country located in South East Asian. This is a Buddha country, therefore, it is no surprised when almost architecture and culture here have bold outlines of Buddhism. The country have a large amount of Buddha Images, Buddha Status…

Myanmar is famous hallowed and mysterious place with thousands of tower pagoda, many beautiful and tourist spot such as gold Shwedagon pagoda, ancient capital of Bagan, Yango city … Maybe because of their religious beliefs, life, people and cultures here are quite peaceful and quiet. Tourism will sometimes feel time is stop. Traveling to Myanmar brings a various experiences about life, human, cultures, beautiful spots.

When you set foot on Myanmar soil, here are 6 special beautiful place you should never miss:
1. Yangon: Shwedagon Pagoda
Located in Yangon, this is the oldest historical pagoda in not only Myanmar but also around the world with the age of more than 2500 years. In Shwedagon Pagoda, the relics of four Buddha had been enshrined which is the robe of Konagamana, the staff of Kassapa, the hairs of Gotama and the water filter of Kakusandha. All pagoda terms are decorated with gold, diamond, rubies, sapphires for its 326 feet height and 1420 feet perimeter. 
There are lots of religious festival of this pagoda during year:
In February and March: Tabaung Festival
In April: Myanmar New Year Festival
Between April and May: Buddha Day Festival
In July: Waso Festival
In October: Thadingyut Festival
In November: Tazaungdaing Festival
2. Yandon: Sule Pagoda
Sule Pagoda is an excellent landmark and is a Burmese stupa located in center of Yangon. This is designed as octagonal shape with 24 feet long and 144 feet height for each sides.Sule Pagoda has age of more than 2500 years, the legend said that it is place where King Ukkapala held meetings to discuss and build plan to build Shwedagon.

3. Bagan: Thatbyinnyu temple
Thatbyinnyu temple
Located in the North East corner of old Bagan, this temple contains one of only two wishing Buddhas in all Myanmar and it is one of the tallest pagoda in Bagan Archeological site with fulfill of history. Tourist can climb the stair to the second floor and enjoy the excellent perspective here.  Thatbyinnyu temple was built by King Alaungsithu in 1144

4. Bagan: Dhammayangyi temple 
This is the most massive shrine in Bagan and is one of the most unique cóntructs, was built by King Narathu in 1167. Dhamamayangyi extending approximately 255 feet for each sides. 

5. Bagan: Shwezigone Stupa
In NyaungOo 4 miles far from Bagan city. Shwezigone Stupa is a beautiful and have an interesting legendary place, which was built by King Anwrahta and King Kyanzittha. This stupa is a gold gilded graceful bell shape Burmese stupa. Shwezigone Stupa has four gates and have an 750 feet outer wall. The bell has a height and a square base of 160 feet
6. Bagan: LawkanandaPagoda
Lawkananda Pagoda enshrined the Buddha’s tooth relic in Bagan, was built by King Anawrahta in 1059. It located on the banks of the Irrawaddy river, a few km from Bagan marked the southern boundary of Bagan’s capital. In there, you have chance to see an great view of riverside, mountain background and the sunset.
In July- August: Lawkananda pagoda festival
7. Mandalay: Mahamuni Buddha Temple- The Mahamuni Buddha image
With the 5.9 in thick gold coated for Image size of 12.5 feet height, 6.0 feet shoulders and 9.5 feet waist, and  is one of only five likeness of the Buddha made during his life time, in which two in India, two in paradise and the other is in Mandalay. The temple located in the south west of Mandalay is attractive place that you should not miss when set foot on Mandalay

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