10 great reasons why you want to travel Myanmar NOW (Part 2)

Admire the beauty of Golden Rock

Golden Rock

Golden Rock Tour

It’s more than 200km far from Yangon, Golden Rock’s at an altitude of 1,100 m, with little pagodas Kyaiktyo create a relic unique. Golden Rock is famous by the protruding and gold surfaces. If you want to go on the Kyaiktiyo temple, you sure have to pass Golden Rock. However, only men can approach Golden Rock, women could only remote viewing .

Vibrant life on the streets of Mandalay

Covered market christopher martin.jpg

The name of the city of Mandalay make easily guests feel stillness and gentle, but this city is extremely busy with lots of exciting activities taking place on the streets.

Just steps away from the hotel and wander the streets of Mandalay, you will know that his decision is completely correct. The city is not only attract you by the bustling markets, sold all kinds of street food, or beauty from the ancient structures, but the cheerfulness of the people here, will help you quickly integrate into life in Mandalay.

Sightseeing in Bagan by balloon

sightseeing in Bagan

Ballon Safaris Inle Tour In Myanmar

Bagan is located beside the Ayeyarwady River poetic, at the Central of Myanmar. To see the whole subtle beauty of this place, nothing interesting by balloon. Under balloons, thousands of temple towers with spiers glittering gold, red bricks undulating on vast plains. Morning is the best time watching Bagan from the balloon.

Myanmar, great destination for travel on rivers, lakes and beach travel

Travel on river

With three major rivers as Yangon and Irrawaddy river, Chindwin river, journey to discover the land of gold Myanmar will become more interesting. Travel by boat journey takes visitors to admire the natural frame, lyrical, poetic and many old temples, ancient temples on either side of the river. If you love vast ocean, you can also rent a boat to visit the Mergui Archipelago, discover hundreds of rocky islands with the wonders of the rocks, the water and the deep blue sky. In the south, you can have more options to explore as: Andaman Resort in Inle lake...

U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge

Ubein Bridge that is in Amarapura ancient village, is the longest teak bridge in the world (1.2 km). Wooden bridge was almost 200 years old. The way that Amarapura Villagers comeback home, was the pilgrims path of the monks who wore long robes … From U Bein Bridge, sunset was brilliant and impressive that any visitor will remember if they have ever seen

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